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By using Universal Money Maker services, you are agreeing to be bound by theseTerms and Conditions and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing this site. In these Terms of Service (TOS) the customer will be referred to as 'you', whereas Universal Money Maker will be referred to as we. 

Select Membership & Request Payment, to request payment, you most be an active member.

All payments are made via Payza, Bitcoin, Paypal or Bank Transfer. You may request your payment to be prosessed. it will be issued within no longer than 14 days. You most have at least $50.00 dollars in your back office before payment be made. You ageed that you shall be 100% responsable for all taxes on your income that is required. Universalmoneymaker.com is not responsable to do this for you. You will be charged with $5.00 dollars fee in each of your withdrawal. You will be deducted 3% in your withdrawal for maintenance and services. If any member is inactive for more than 90 days or less. to be able to reactivate will make a minimum purchase of $29.95 dollars. 

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Select Your Trading Package (Membership)

There are 5 Packages; 1- Bronce (trading signal) ($29.95) This pack offers trading signals for 30 days.  2- Silver (trading signals) ($99.95) This pack offers you trading signals for 6 months, and last 180 days. 3- Gold  ($250.00) this membership give you $3.25 dollars every days, last 154 days. in wish you get profits and your investment toguether in each ot the payments. 4- Diamond ($550.00) this membership give you $6.82 dollars every day, last 154 days. in wish you get the profits and your investment toguether in each of the payments. 5- Platinum ($1050.00) this membership give you $12.00 every day, last 175 days. in wich you  get profit and your initial investment toguether in each of  the payments. (payments are working days)

See What You Get. (Investment and Profits Total Earning)in 

1- Bronce get trading signals for 30 days for just $29.95  /  2- Silver get trading signals for 180 days for just  =$99.95

3- Gold get 154 daily payments of $3.25 dollars. Total = $500.00  / 4- Diamond get 154 daily payments of $6.82 dollars. Total = $1050.28

5- Platinum get 175 daily payments of $12.00 dollars. Total = $2100.00 

Universal Money Maker offers you one of the best trading signals of the market (forex) for just $29.95 per month / $99.95 for 6 month.

we also offer social trading to our customers. In wich we operate your liteforex trading platform, making sure you earn 10 %, 30 % or  more per month.

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Seleccione su Paquete de inversion Hay 5 paquetes; 1- Bronce (señal de trading) ($29.95) Este paquete ofrece señales de trading por 30 días. 2- Silver ($99.95) Este paquete le da señales de trading por 180 días. 3- Gold ($250.00) esta membresía le da $3.25 dólares por día, y dura 154 días. 4- Diamond ($550.00) esta membresía le da $6.82 dólares por día, y dura 154 días. 5- Platinum ($1050.00) esta membresía le da $12.00 todos los días, y dura 175 días.

Las membresias gold, diamond y platinum, obtienen los beneficios y su inversión inicial en cada uno de los pagos. 

Todos los pagos son en dolares, y los pagos diarios son registrados por los dias laborables. 

Mira lo que obtienes en cada paquete. (Totales a recivir de Inversión y Ganancias) 

1- Bronce recibe señales de trading por 30 días por solo $ 29.95  / 2- Silver obtiene 180 dias de señales de trading por solo $99.95

3- Gold obtiene 154 pagos diarios de $3.25 dólares. Total = $ 500.00 / 4- Diamond obtiene 154 pagos diarios de $ 6.82 dólares. Total = $ 1100.00  /  5- Platinum recibe 175 pagos diarios de $ 12.00 dólares. Total = $2100.00  

Universal Money Maker le ofrece una de las mejores señales comerciales del mercado (forex) por solo $ 29.95 por mes / y la super oferta de 6 meses de señales por solo 99.95

También ofrecemos comercio social a nuestros clientes. En el cual operamos su plataforma de trading en liteforex, asegurándonos de que gane 10 %, 30 % o incluso más por mes. LiteForex es nuestro broker en el Trading de Forex. regístrate con nosotros y obténdras la libertad financiera que tanto deseas.

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Income and charges fees
You may refer all the amount of people you want to join the program. You will earn 5% income, in the purchase of your direct affiliates. 

The members of universalmoneymaker.com agreed, that payments, charges and fees are to be paid via Skrill, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Paypal, Bank Transfer.

You agree to pay your fees every month for membership and web charges. or will be automatically charges from your balance. 

Although we do not intent to, we remain the right to temporarily suspend or, in severe cases, terminate your account(s).

All invoices, fees and transactions to Universal Money Maker are non-refundable. A payment reversal initiated by the payment processor will lead to a temporary suspension of all accounts involved until the case has been resolved or the payment reimbursed. A dispute or charge back initiated by you will lead to a permanent suspension of all accounts.

Subscriptions can be canceled at any moment by sending in a support ticket via the email address registered with. Note that paid fees are non-refundable

You agree that you shall be 100 % responsible for all taxes on your income that is required. Universalmoneymaker.com will not be responsible to do it for you.

Paid fees remain non-refundable.

Expired, Cancelation and Termination

Expired or canceled websites can be revoked from permanent termination within 7 days after being expired or canceled, provided this is technically possible.

universalmoneymaker.com  have the right to change our terms of service at anytime without prior consent or notice.

You has the right to terminate the relationship at any time with universalmoneymaker.com.

You are not an employee of universalmoneymaker.com

If you haven't logged in to your website for a period of 2 months or longer, your website is considered dormant and can be terminated at any moment, regardless your subscription duration. If your website is suspended for a period of 14 days or more, for whatever reason, your subscription will automatically end after those 14 days. When you create your account, a verification e-mail is sent to you upond registration. In orientalmatrix.com you have the right to have only one account, you should never have more than one account. You most be at least 18 Yrs of age to join. We may revise these terms at any time without notice.

By using our services you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of these terms and conditions.

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